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Extension KTEXT12D doubles the power of a Plug & Play Module

Extension for connected sites.
Expand your solar installation, with this extension composed of 2 solar panels with the same performance and guarantees as your Plug & Play module. Double your production!
The Plug & Play module is a modular and scalable solution. The extension is connected to the Plug & Play module already installed.

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Services & Insurances

Your satisfaction is our priority.
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Extension KTEXT12D doubles the power of a Plug & Play Module

How does the 2-panel extension connect to the Plug & Play solar module already in my garden ?

Adding a Plug & Play solar extension to your basic module is very simple. To add an extension to the Plug & Play module, simply connect the module and the extension using the5 meter long cable supplied.

If you want to install the2 solar panelsTo another place in your garden than the Plug & Play module, it is possible !

You caninstall the extension up to 40 meters from the Plug & Play. We provide a 5 meter cable with an extension, alonger cables are charged extra,if you need it.

Why would you need to install the extension in a location other than the Plug & Play ?

  • Lack of space in your garden: indeed, ifwe add a 2 meter long extension to the Plug & Play modulethen count a length of4 meters, and afloor space of about 6m2.
  • Optimization of production according to the orientation: indeed,the 2 modules are not necessarily in the same place, nor with the same orientation. Enhancethe efficiency of your Plug & Play moduleaccording to your consumption by favouring orientations adapted to your consumption habits.

As you can see, location is very important. One of thethe major advantage of the Plug & Play module is that its orientation does not depend on the orientation of your house.(as is the case for rooftop solar panels)You are free to install it according to the best orientation to take advantage of the sun on your land, or according to the hours when you consume the most

What are the economic advantages of adding an extension to Plug&Play ?

If your household haselectrical appliancesif you have several TVs and computers, refrigerators, freezers... or if you want to save more money, we advise you to add an extension to your initial module

You can add an extension for several reasons

  • Your appliances (fridge, freezers...) are very energy consuming or you have several of them
  • You are a large family and accumulate computers and other electronic devices...
  • You wish to compensate for the energy expenditure of equipment that uses a lot of energy (which operates during the day, even if it means changing your habits)
  • You have a pool

The extension will allow you to double the production of your Plug & Play module and increase your savings.
Ask us for advice before ordering your extension.

However, if you have all these reasons, it is wise to turn directly tothe Trio module with 3 Plug & Play modules.

I want to save even more money, how do I do it?

With the Plug & Play module, the advantage is that you candevelopin a simple and progressive way. This allows you tofully control your budget.

  • Case 1:I already have a Plug & Play solar module

If you already have a Plug & Play solar module you can first consider adding an extension to your existing module. L'extension for Plug & Play moduleconsists of2 additional solar panels

The extension is delivered to you assembled just like your Plug & Play module. At the time of delivery, you simply need to connect it to your initial module using the cable provided. If you need a longer cable (up to 40 meters away), please order it from us.

  • Case 2:I already have a Plug & Play module and an extension of 2 solar panels

If you already have a Plug & Play module and an extension of 2 solar panels in your garden you can add a second extension of 2 solar panels

Indeed,a Plug & Play module can accommodate up to 2 extensions. (For a total of 6 solar panels)

  • Case 3:I already have a Plug & Play module and two extensions

You need more autonomy? You want to expand your solar power plant? If you have asecond outdoor electrical outlet, choose the Trio solution installed in one go !It is aplug & Play module and 2 extensions delivered in one go.Double your energy production directly.

You may not have a Plug & Play module yet ?

Ifyou do not have a Plug & Play module in place yet, you can start by installing one. For this we offer two possibilities

  1. Start witha Plug & Play modulethat you will develop as you go along
  2. Consider as a first solution ourTrio composed of one module and two extensions(6 photovoltaic panels in total)

A truly optimized performance

Our panels are protected from overheating. Heat reduces the yield of photovoltaic cells by about 5% for every 10 degrees. The natural ventilation of the Plug & Play module avoids this effect and allows a better yield of the cell.

Our Plug & Play module operates in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 60°C.

Once weighted, the Plug & Play module will produce in all weathers, even with strong winds.

We designed it to last a lifetime. It is repairable, each element can be replaced without having to change other parts. Our solar panels made in France are guaranteed 20 years, their production is guaranteed 25 years.

This means that after 25 years they will still produce 80% of their initial yield.

The microinverter is guaranteed for 20 years by the manufacturer.

The galvanized steel structure is guaranteed for 20 years by the manufacturer.

The entire Plug & Play Module range is guaranteed for 2 years parts and labor

For example, a Plug & Play module produces all year long enough to erase the consumption of the electrical appliances listed opposite:
Given as an example on the basis of a smoothed average dayover the year in Avignon (84)The production depends on the weather.

The performance of a Plug & Play module:

Estimated annual production, south facing, depending on your location:

660 WpPower of the Plug & Play module

1000Kilowatt-hour / yearàAix en Provence

800Kilowatt-hour / yearàLyon

660Kilowatt-hour / yearàLille


  • 1.51 m high
  • 2 m wide
  • 1.38 m deep

Land use :

  • About 3m2


  • 2 solar panels 330 Wp V-SYS PRO Full Black - SYSTOVIMade in France
    20 year manufacturer's warranty
  • 1 Microinverter YC600 - APSystems - DIN VDE-0126-1-1 + A1.
    20 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • 5 ml electrical cable with Plug & Play connectors.

  • Steel structure to be installed on the ground without drilling to be ballasted (sand, gravel, slabs...) delivered without ballast.
    20 year manufacturer's warranty.

Featuresof the 2-panel Plug & Play module:
Peak power: 660 Wp
Average annual production: 1 000 KWhIn Marseille /800 KWhIn Lyon /660 KWhIn Lilles
Cost per kilowatt-hour produced: 6 to 8 cts €/ 20 years
Return on investment: 5 to 7 years


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